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35 years in the furniture industry
We combine tradition
with modern perception.

Η εταιρεία ΚΑΡΡΑΣ – ΓΚΟΥΝΕΛΑΣ ιδρύθηκε το 1978 και η 35ετης πορεία της έως σήμερα συνεχίζεται ανοδικά και πετυχημένα κατέχοντας πρωτοποριακή θέση στο χώρο του επίπλου και των εξειδικευμένων ξύλινων κατασκευών. Συνδυάζει την παράδοση με την σύγχρονη αντίληψη, την ποιότητα με την αισθητική και την έμπνευση με τη δημιουργία για την αποκλειστική απόλαυση των πελατών της.


Since 1978, the company KARRAS-GUNELAS has been combining tradition with modern perception, quality with aesthetics, and inspiration with creation in the field of furniture and specialized wooden constructions.

In the challenge of tomorrow, the company responds dynamically, planning the future with a focus on the continuous satisfaction of its customers. Its success is not measured solely by financial performance. It is the achievement of goals defined through the spectrum of needs and requirements of its clientele, the ongoing trust, and the steady preference of the public for the 'Karras-Gunelas' furniture and their creators.

The company's philosophy focuses on providing solutions tailored to the personality of each individual client and the needs of their space. Choices are made with the sole criterion of excellent and environmentally friendly materials, aiming for the best possible quality of the final products.

KARRAS-GUNELAS designs and manufactures unique furniture collections in classical or modern designs, but also offers collectible furniture series from renowned Italian houses.


It was the year 1978 when the company 'P. Karras - G. Gunelas' commenced its operations in Thessaloniki. Its founders, Panagiotis Karras and George Gunelas, with their respective design knowledge and construction experience, dedicated themselves to the production and distribution of furniture.

Their activity found great response as it was characterized by artistic sensitivity, high quality, reliability, and consistency. These attributes, combined with a passion for furniture, marked the evolutionary path of the company. From its early steps, the company maintained its fundamental philosophy unchanged and gained the preference of the buying public.

The first store, located at 57 Marasli Street in the Charilaou area, started as a small production unit with a local character but quickly gained loyal customers in the broader northern Greek region.

The goals of the company founders and the collective effort gradually led to the expansion of its activities throughout Greece, as well as collaboration with renowned Italian houses.

Soon, the developmental requirements exceeded the capacity of the first store, and the need for an additional exhibition space arose. For this purpose, the store at 50 Voulgari Street was chosen, in a multi-story building with a post-modern design.


The company's team and collaborating decorators suggest solutions to their clients that align with their needs and, at the same time, express the most contemporary design perspectives without being swayed by extremes.

The company equips the interiors of residences with special design solutions tailored to each space, offering functional and ergonomic constructions.

Moreover, it can undertake the furnishing of professional spaces that aim to be unique!


The company's philosophy focuses on impeccable customer service, which applies to both the sale of products and the services that follow. It emphasizes the selection of excellent and environmentally friendly materials and the optimal quality of the final products.